Tsukiji shijō

29 August 2017
12:00 AM – 24h open shops serve sushi and sake to customers. The tuna is deeply frozen.
12:25 AM – The Fish Information Center guard shooed me away. “Come back at 3:00 AM.” The tuna is transported to the inner market in tiny white trucks. The trucks move fast.
3:00 AM – I overslept. Of course. The tuna was dead long time ago.
4:00 AM – I woke up panicked. The tuna is prepared by the fishermen for the auction.
5:25 AM – The first auction starts. The tuna looks promising.
5:50 AM – The second auction starts. I was there. A dream came true. The tuna turned her frozen eyes to me. She was humming a tuna tune…

Tsukiji was my absolute favourite place in Tokyo. The fishermen’s love passed on with generations has turned it from a wholesale market into an iconic landmark of Japan. If someone from the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market ever reads this, please, leave Tsukiji untouched. The fishermen will be happy. The tuna will be happy. Deadly happy. Every single tourist will be happy. The universe will be happy.

I know you love sushi.

All pictures were taken in the Tsukiji inner fish market in August 2017. Photos there are strictly prohibited. The fishermen were kind with me and let me in. I am grateful for their generosity. This project is dedicated to them.


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